Gypsy Firecracker

I am Gypsy Firecracker, an artist of sorts and an eccentric. I am a second generation tattoo artist, working at Trap Ink Tattoos in Sarasota FL, as well as working freelance in other mediums. I am also a self professed cinephile and a member of The Boozy Broads Picture Show web show. Here you will find an eclectic collection of my artwork and inspiration.

To purchase artwork hit the website icon or go to I also am always happy to take on commissioned art pieces, so feel free to ask!

Rosario Dawson photographed by Tom Munro

Rosario Dawson photographed by Tom Munro

Joan Crawford martini

Teeny tiny little cover up, bye bye Carebear!


A woman with Death / Mors Loquitur and Alloquitur Mortem
Print made by Crispijn de Passe the elder 
1600 (circa)


Dolly Parton


Three Studies for a Crucifixion by Francis Bacon 1992

(via citizen-xes)


Illustration by Ernest Chiriacka.

(via citizen-xes)

"Beat it creep" my look for tonight’s Jukebox Jamboree

I have a lot of designs, big and small, some I just doodled for fun, some that were designed for a tattoo that never happened… These drawings would love to make a home in your skin! Contact me if you’d like to give these doodles a home.


Lines for the siren piece. stoked on this. mike moses