Gypsy Firecracker

I am Gypsy Firecracker, an artist of sorts and an eccentric. I am a second generation tattoo artist, working at Trap Ink Tattoos in Sarasota FL, as well as working freelance in other mediums. I am also a self professed cinephile and a member of The Boozy Broads Picture Show web show. Here you will find an eclectic collection of my artwork and inspiration.

To purchase artwork hit the website icon or go to I also am always happy to take on commissioned art pieces, so feel free to ask!


Red Velvet

Tattoo based on the cover artwork for the book ‘The Alchemyst’ from The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series by Michael Scott

Bad bitch contest, you in first place


Commission for a naughty librarian (which is a bit redundant - librarians are naughty as a rule).

This one was a bit of a challenge - the patron wanted the piece to be mostly black and white with a touch of color. However, I wanted to differentiate the skin tones of the couple, and the red was just a fun bit of contrast. So the end result is a bit of a compromise - by no means full color, but not just a touch either. I think if I had to do it over again, I would have just gone with full color on both of the figures. But the patron was very happy with the result, and that’s what counts (I like it too!).

"We must be over the rainbow!"

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

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Leonard “Stoney” St. Clair

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I’m sure it’s no surprise that Frank Miller’s Sin City is an inspiration to me, so of course after seeing Sin City: A Dame To Kill For I was inspired to create something… #sincity #adametokillfor #ladygaga #frankmiller


The Encounter, men’s adventure magazine story illustration, circa 1960s


Iconic Dior looks

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This is the coolest fucking thing


This is the coolest fucking thing

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Jayne Mansfield [***]


Et in Arcadia Ego, second in the series. I love drawing flopped over penises almost as much as hard ones. Aw.